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Please, forgive me. Luke, I would like to, but I can't. When Luke finishes talking he leaves the choir room. Charlotte S. Jade, Yes. But no one answered my question. Where is Charlie? Will, He's in the hospital with Chuck. Jade, Wow, he's so cute.

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Caro, You're discusting my friend. Will, I have the homework of the week. Conner, Wow Mr. Your ideas come as fast as Abi finds a new person to kiss.

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Abi, That's not true. My kisses change faster. Jade, Ok, which one is the homework? Will writes Leaving And Goodbye in the board. Will, You'll be singing goodbye songs. Caro was walking by the hallway and she finds Luke. Caro, Can I talk with you?

New Beginnings and Saying Goodbye to the Past - Elke Feuer

Luke, Look I love you and I really want to be with you again, but I can't. Caro, Why? What stops you from being with me? Luke, I'm leaving. Caro, What? Luke, I'm leaving McKinley. Luke, Sue and Ashley told my father that I'm gay. Caro, You're Luke, No, at all. Caro, But Luke, He didn't believe me and he says that I have to move to St.

Veronica School because ther my sister can watch all of my movements. Caro, So you'll be in another Glee Club? Luke, Yes. And I'll be your competence in Regionals. Luke, Yes, is that St. Veronica School is all around Ohio. There are like three in the state and one of them won their Sectionals so Caro, i just realize about something. Luke, What? Caro, You know me so well that you didn't let me finish my questions.

They kiss. Caro, So, we're Luke, I guess that yes. We're back. They kiss one more time. Later in the hospital. Tori, Hi Chuck. Chuck, Tori! Tori, Yes. Wow I never thought I will find you in the hospital. Chuck, Yes?

Me neither. Tori, Can I ask you something? Chuck, Yes. Tori, Why do you do it? Chuck, What? Drinking and smoking drugs? Chuck, I don't know. Tori, I want you to promise me something. Whatever you want.

Goodbye...a new beginning

Tori, I want you to promise me you'll never do that again. Chuck, I can't I promise it. I promise I'll change for you. Tori, Thank you. I love you. Chuck, I love you too. Charlie and Jade told me we have to sing goodbye songs. Tori, Yes, that's the homework.

A State of the Union for the Age of Polarization

Chuck I want to sing something now. Tori, Now? When the song finish Charlie and Jade were at the Lima Bean. Jade, Poor Chuck. Charlie, Yes, I can't believe that he use drugs but Tori told me that he promise her he won't do it again. Jade, Charlie we have to break up.

Charlie, Wait, What?