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The Mann and Musgrave Ranges expedition is covered from page This journal includes the following: specimen notes diagrams hand-drawn maps numerous song transcriptions black and white photographs correspondence permit a typescript note by Cecil John Hackett see AA Of linguistic interest are the text 'Wapara Kanjala' with English translation and the many songs, vocabulary items and place names littering the text.

They were joined by other Board members on August 6th, including: Prof. Tindale Tribes: Jangkundjara ; Pitjandjara. This journal records short visits to the Fulham site on the following dates: November ; , , 19 December ; 11 February ; , March ; 13 May ; 16, 30 June ; and 1, July These reports are attributed to a number of authors. Napoleon Henry Louwyck see AA The journal includes correspondence relating to the excavation, including ethnographic details obtained from local residents and a list of Aboriginal place names contributed by Tindale's Aboriginal informant, Clarence Long Milerum.

The expedition began on 29 March The excavation account is illustrated by Tindale's ink diagrams and drawings of excavated artefacts. The Kongerati Cave excavation was completed on 10 April page The following day was spent examining surface archaeological sites near Normanville at Haycock Point, prior to returning to Adelaide. This journal includes the following: 16 pasted-in black and white photographs relating to the investigation copy of a note by Thomas Worsnop see AA describing 'native chopsticks' additional notes relating to skeletal material platform burial pasted-in copy of an 'Australian Magazine' article 'Strange Burial Customs' dated 1 April two-page pasted-in list of fauna bones found in the cave, identified by Hedley Herbert Finlayson see AA 93 , drawings hand-drawn diagrams of site exhibition label report by Amandus Heinrich Christian Zietz see AA 'on a trip to Normanville re Fossil Bones' dated 7 August supplies inventory place names by Clarence Long Sutton's handwritten extracts from M Symond Clark's diary from , dated 18 March The journal finishes at page The remainder of the notebook is blank, apart from a single page at the back, containing a list of the expedition expenditure.

Symonds Clark's diary, Hazelwood, Burnside', , relating to the collection of Aboriginal skeletal remains near East Wellington, including a platform burial which was subsequently sent to WH Flower at the Royal College of Surgeons in London. This journal includes the following: newspaper clippings list of waterholes, soaks and places annotated printed map and hand-drawn maps string games object documentation drawings notes by D George dated February , Tindale's notes from Kemp's Our Sandhill Country dated George Aiston see AA 3 notes dated 23 April 'Answer to Questionnaire on the Distribution of Native Tribes' - Yulli-yundi.

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In his report on the expedition, Tindale notes these words total approximately The visit dates from 2 October to 16 November and is recorded on pages a as 'Journal of a Visit to Ooldea to study the aborigines, Nov. The visit dates from April, and is recorded on pages b as 'Second Visit to Ooldea to study the aborigines. April '. This volume has 97 blank pages with a newspaper clipping on the fifth to last page and a pocket of four black and white postcard prints of photographs taken by Cecil John Hackett two relating to the Ooldea expedition, and two to the Warburton Range expedition, see AA on the second to last page.

A contents page appears at the front of the volume. This journal includes the following: black and white photographs by Cecil John Hackett see AA , Walter Batchelor MacDougall see AA , Harrie E Green see AA , and Tindale postcard newspaper clippings drawings photocopy of an article lists of place names and hand-drawn maps of country notes on South Australian Museum specimens collected by Green dated specimen documentation by Tindale a map of the annular eclipse of the sun on Sunday 30 July by 'GFD' dated 14 May a typescript list of plants collected by Tindale in with hand-written annotations 'tribal and language terms recorded from the area' 'List of Wapar stories of tjukur ancestors and Inma' correspondence expenditure 'The Australian Women's Weekly' article 'Goanna men give up their Tribal totems' dated 11 July references to Daisy Bates see AA 23 a vocabulary collected during the visit consisting of approximately words.

The vocabulary collected in consists of approximately 84 words of mixed origin songs and stories in English.

Supplementary information includes material from 14 May , , 1 February , 8 October , December , 6 January and 25 April Information includes: data relating to sacred boards pages letter from Mr CP Doyle regarding meteorite fall near Cook, page notes from Green, 8 October pages , notes from Walter Batchelor MacDougall, 8 October and pages , John Burton Cleland and Tindale. The journal is handwritten. Tindale recorded the expedition on the right-hand page and left the left-hand page for annotations, sketches, photographs and so on.

Part one dates from 2 July to 23 August and ends on page Part two 'Volume two' dates from 23 August to 6 September and runs from pages Additional notes are recorded on pages The journal contains an index on pages , with appendices from page to the end.

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Supplementary material includes: newspaper articles by Tindale describing the expedition letter by the Western Australian Commissioner of Police regarding the track to Warburton Range a copy of the 'Phonetic system adopted for Australian Aboriginal languages, by the Board for Anthropological Research see AA at the University of Adelaide' as of Tindale Tribes: Ngadadjara ; Pintubi ; Pitjandjara. This is the first of two volumes describing the Harvard and Adelaide Universities expedition to field stations in South Australia, Queensland and New South Wales.

Contents pages precede the journal. Additonal pages include 87a, 88a-b, a, a, a-j, a, a, and a-b. The journal is handwritten predominantly on the right page, leaving the left page for annotations, sketches, photographs, inserts and so on. The expedition commenced on 12 May , with Volume I ending 14 December This volume includes the following: annotations referring to the s and s statistical information for the United Aborigines Mission see AA at Swan Reach, Cumeroogunja, Pilliga, Brewarrina, Boggabilla, Woodenbong, Monamona, Yarrabah, Palm Island and Woorabinda Aboriginal Stations and Settlements newspaper clippings correspondence hand-drawn maps photocopy of a printed map and printed maps with annotations social frameworks and organisation black and white photographs specimen details drawings tribal names and distribution data string games flora samples a carbon copy of Ernest Theodore Vogelsang's see AA 'Ceremonial Objects of the Dieri Tribe' songs and stories navel string totems vocabularies collected during this expedition are found in parallel in Tindale's 'Australian Vocabularies gathered by Norman B.

Field stations totalled This journal is paginated on pages Pages and 92 pages from to the end of the volume are blank.

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The journal commences on 15 December and runs to 26 June A photocopy of pages of Tindale's 'Visit to Cape Barren Island, Tasmania' has been inserted following page Tindale also added page a-d, mostly concerning Point McLeay. The journal is handwritten on the right-hand page, leaving the left-hand page for sketches, annotations, and so on. This journal includes a contents page. This journal includes the following: newspaper clippings and copies comments relating to the s and s specimen information drawings copy of the Point Pearce cultivation agreement for share-farming songs and stories place names hand-drawn maps social organisation charts rubbings Tindale's 'Notes on Mingul, or Native Tobacco, obtained at Mount Margaret, Western Australia' Alfred Hermann Traeger's work classification rough sketched sections at Lake Menindee, 'Intra-Australian comparison of Geographic groups' copies of pages from journal articles correspondence annotated printed map showing the expedition itinerary, marking the 32 field stations vocabularies collected during this expedition are found in parallel in Tindale's 'Australian Vocabularies gathered by Norman B.

Additional vocabulary and textual material are found scattered through the journal. The journal dates from 15 August to 8 September Includes an article from 'The Illustrated London News' titled 'Where life still offers adventure: New Guinea; and its murderous cannibals' dated 5 September and a 23 June newspaper clipping.

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Diary entries were recorded in a Supplementary papers include the 'Munda Times' and 'Aircenter Parakeet' dated 8 March , handwritten note by Tindale dated , carbon typescript copy of a 'Diary Report of Crash Party on Choiseul', newspaper clipping, and photographic copy of Groote Eylandt specimens from This journal is handwritten in black and blue ink. Tindale wrote on the right hand page leaving the left hand page for annotations, cross-references, newspaper clippings, drawings and photographs. There is a contents page and index.

Pages to are blank.

The journal includes Tindale's journey to Collymongle to gather carved bora trees with Lindsay Black, data relating to the journey and visit to the Kuringai Chase rock carvings. This journal has been handwritten in ink with some pencil and annotations. Journal entries are on the right-hand page leaving the left for annotations and drawings. There is no contents page nor index. The actual expedition dates are from 13 August to 1 September Tindale observes people recorded as Ilpirra are in fact Ngalia, page 9 assisting Prof.

Cleland 7 Feb.

Records 'eng name', 'Aboriginal name', 'dreaming totem', 'tribal group', 'district', 'sex', 'age', and 'remarks', 6pp Tindale's handwritten loose notes on seasons, 1pp Tindale's handwritten loose notes on localities, 1pp loose typescript carbon copy of Cleland's questionaire on women and children, 1pp. This is the first of four volumes. The journal entries for this volume date from 18 October to 15 July This volume is handwritten with annotations.

Tindale recorded journal entries on the right-hand page leaving the left for annotations, drawings and so on. There is no page , only a.

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This journal includes the following: newspaper clippings and copies correspondence hand-drawn maps black and white photographs article by Wyrwoll et. This is the second of four volumes. The journal entries in this volume date 15 July to 30 October The volume commences on page b, continuing from Volume I. Included are pages a, a and b-c. Tindale writes on the right page leaving the left for annotations, drawings, etc. Expedition entries end on page This journal includes the following: Tindale's recording of Birdsell's see AA itinerary, pages which overlapped with Tindale's notes taken from Birdsell's journals, pages Tindale's recording of registration notes and drawings of specimens AA donated to the South Australian Museum by Birdsell, pages additional notes attached news clippings photocopied maps, pages drawings and sketches social organisation drawing from a Moolabulla youth carbon copies of correspondence copy of a rock painting rubbing many references to tribal nomenclature and Aboriginal place names.

This is the third of four volumes. Expeditions listed are from 'A', November to 'Y', August The list includes expedition symbol, locality, leader, and period in the field. The index is pages in total followed by 14 blank pages and appendices. The following Appendices are included: Appendix A: 'Notes on the maps and Tribal details supplied by native informants ' 23 April - 25 August , 74 pages.

The maps in this appendix typically contain tribal distribution data and place names Appendix B: 'Notes from my rough day book some are not otherwise recorded. Contains a Njangamarda interlinear text with partial English translation Appendix C: 'Miscellaneous notes from page J. Epling, J. Birdsell see AA and B. Coaldrake' see AA 61 , April and 3 October , 24 pages. Includes sketch maps of tribal distribution Appendix D: 'List of People Measured during UCLA and UA Anthropological Expedition with references to pages in genealogies where their names appear', 42 pages Appendix E: 'later data which will help in writing up the Expedition', , , , , and , 34 pages; and after a further 26 blank pages, Tindale includes a photocopy of a newpaper clipping, , and a pocket of two loose items dated and This is the fourth of four volumes.

The pages of this volume are not numbered. The last pages are blank with the exception of one item of correspondence and one note. The journal is handwritten with annotations. Field data collected by N. Tindale between 20 April and 15 October '. The vocabularies have been written in the phonetic alphabet proposed by University of Adelaide Language Committee.