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This might require a bit of advance prep to encourage kids to say what they love about their teacher, what makes her the best, etc. This requires a little rehearsal.

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Have one or two children from each class join the morning announcements perhaps do five to 10 classes each day to say one nice thing about their teacher. Ask room parents to collect the notes and present them in a special box or jar. Download the Love Notes. Print up some simple coupons for jobs students can do for their teachers, such as wiping down desks, sweeping, and helping with the school garden.

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Encourage the kids to present the coupons to their teachers and to set a day to do their tasks. Download the Coupons for Student Jobs. At the Memorial School in Paramus, N. Each child wrote a thank-you message on a chalkboard, then posed for a photo. The photo was glued to a card.

Children decorated their cards and included notes of appreciation. On a designated Sunday evening, students and parents set to work with sidewalk chalk. When staff members arrive at school Monday morning, the sidewalk is covered with encouraging messages and colorful drawings.


The kids wrote kind words about the teachers on small slips of paper. The best PTO advice, ideas, and inspiration delivered weekly. More Than Just Good Manners. Teachers Lounge Makeover Tips. Take a simple pic of each kid after school using a smartphone and the Photobooth app so each student gets four funny snapshots on each page. You can also make a custom notebook for the teacher, featuring a photo of the entire class on the cover page, or a piece of art made by all the children. The one above from Blurb, but also find affordable options at Minted. I also love the Oliver Wendell Holmes quote and imagery on this simple personalized printable which would fit right into a classroom for years afterward.

For a really special touch, decoupage a frame with small bits of artwork from the kids.

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This tutorial at Lizzy J Designs should help. I love this super easy idea: A Memory Jar filled with memories from each student.

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Radical Kindness by Angela Santomero. Under Pressure by Lisa Damour.

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