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This had caught the attention of the other tables in the area as well as the teachers, The entire cafeteria went silent as he shouted, "He's coming for me! One of the better known teachers had grabbed him by the shoulders and escorted him out of the cafeteria What the fuck was going on here? Fast forward a few days later, the rumor of the Mirror Man had spread throughout the school, onto the internet, to everywhere locally. It had become a craze by the time my parents had gotten home from their trip.

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I had told them everything. I had still continued to do the Mirror Man trick every night but no matter what I would never see the supposed spirit. However, many other people in the school had apparently seen him even if they didn't do the mirror trick, they would just be staring at their reflection fixing their hair etc, and then out of nowhere their reflection would just distort But why wouldn't he show up for me?

I didn't understand it and it frustrated me! Upon the morning of last Monday, the entire school had been called into the auditorium. This would never happen unless something really good or really bad would happen, and with the recent news I sure as hell knew it wasn't the former The principal of the school had stepped out with a grave look on his face.

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He had walked up to the podium and Tim had died The police had found his body in his room after they had broken down the door. I couldn't believe my ears Was this really happening? It couldn't be.

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How had he died?!.. Had he really killed himself over this whole Mirror Man thing or Later that night, I had signed onto the school's website, The school had a chat system implemented where students could contact other students about when papers were due, help on projects and things like that.

I was chatting with my friends and other kids about the day's events. I looked at the message for a few seconds. Was this some kind of fucking joke? Because nobody was laughing. He said nothing when all the other students called him out. All he did was post a link to a picture in the chat The moderator banned him immediately afterwards.

I clicked on the link apart from my better judgment And I wish I hadn't What I saw in that picture will be sure to haunt me for the rest of my life. It was Tim It was his corpse.


Pale and lifeless. His jaw was hanging open as if he was screaming There were dozens of shards of glass dug into his skin, including two larger ones that were stuck into his eyes. There was blood everywhere And carved into his chest were two parallel lines, lined up vertically with an X slightly overlapping them. I was appalled and I began to cry He was a kid for fuck's sake.

Here Comes the Mirror Man

Who did this to him Why did they did this to him?! Instinctively the first thing I thought was The Mirror Man. Was he really real? Did he really do this to Tim? All these questions buzzed in my head. Cries of extreme agony started releasing from Hiroshi's mouth and it was obvious that Zen was enjoying every muffled cry that Hiroshi had to offer. Hiroshi saw that his legs and torso started shaking violently just like his arms were.

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When they began to shatter, it was terribly hard for Hiroshi to stay conscious but with the sound of snapping bones and the sound of hail against roof tiles, he managed to stay conscious throughout the terrifying ordeal. All of the bones below Hiroshi's neck were shattered, and all of his muscles shredded.

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Yet Zen's magic kept Hiroshi alive so he could feel the pain of the whole ordeal. Zen approached Hiroshi while bearing an evil grin and whispered the phrase "This is your doing! After the mirror formed a large mess on the floor, Hiroshi started to feel dizzy. Then, uncontrollably, his neck started slowly moving counter clockwise.

When his neck had reached the ninety degree mark, the bones in his neck started to snap. With every bone that would snap, Hiroshi would feel an excruciating pain that surged throughout his entire body. After four snaps, Hiroshi became limp and silent. He had obviously died, which pleased Zen greatly, knowing that he had caused him as much pain as possible before his untimely ending. But after his death, you could still hear the sickening snap, snap, snap. So, ever since then, if you broke a mirror you would acquire "The Mirror Man's Curse.

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