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Finally, there others who take a different approach and explain benei elokim to mean people who were—at least to begin with—on a spiritually high level.

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Because they fell from their greatness. Because they caused the world to fall. Because they caused the hearts of people to fall, trembling before their great stature. Because they fell from heaven—although not without their consent. We meet the nephilim again, much later, when Moses sends spies to the land of Canaan.

The spies were great men, but they returned with a report that struck terror into the hearts of the Israelites , appending their own opinion that the mission of occupying this land would be futile. Quite tellingly, they made sure to report on these angels who had fallen from heaven—perhaps because they themselves feared meeting the same fate. Entering the land of Canaan to conquer, work the land and harvest its produce threatened to be a tremendous descent. The difference, however, is that the human soul is not an angel.

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An angel falls below and is disconnected. A breath, however, can never be disconnected. No matter where it may end up, how low it may have stooped, the neshamah is intrinsically bound to its origin above, and from there it receives the power to shine, even in the darkest and lowest time and place, and return to its true essence.

Genesis Rabbah As we shall see, Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai himself explains ibid. See also Torah Sheleimah , Genesis —4, for additional citations. The Talmud, Yoma ibid. See Likkutei Sichot, vol. For more on whether angels can sin, see Can Angels Sin? We find the term elokim used many times as a reference to judges; see for example, Exodus Some are of the opinion that it refers specifically to either the descendants of Cain Zohar a or Seth Hamek Davar to Genesis It should be noted that while according to this approach the term benei elokim is understood to refer to princes, noblemen and judges, the term nephilim may very well still be referring to angels and giants.

See, for example, Targum Yonatan ben Uziel to Genesis and Rashi to Numbers , and Nachalat Yaakov to Genesis See, however, Likkutei Sichot, vol. The story of the "fallen" being angels or human beings has always fascinated me and in one thing scholars might agree, this "mingling" with women generated the evilness that caused the Flood. Question about the Nephilim. If the Nephilim were allowed to come to earth,and God was right, that they would be corrupted sin leading to the Flood, which I was led to believe destroyed all but Noah and his family, How do you explain descendants of the Nephilim alive and described as the Giants of Canaan?

Og survived the flood Reply.

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It has more to do with worldview, that potentially developed from the descendants of Seth mixing with the descendants of Cain. During Noachs' generation most were mixed, including more than likely Noach's sons wives. The Og possibility is also midrash, but even if its true, doesn't change the fact that the concept of Nephelim as literal "giants" is largely misunderstood.

Og did not survive the flood, he was born after the flood. I also agree with Anonymous USA I also found that Nephilim's as transgenic beings to be the most likely and plausible explanation for the extermination of the people that occupied Israel at the time of Moses and Joshua. In addition of course to my earlier flood argument. HaShem was very particular that all needed to be destroyed, man, properties and even beast and Saul lost his kingship for not obeying that.

Chronicles of the Nephilim: 1. Seed of Serpent Vs. Seed of Eve

That too would indicate that there could have been something seriously wrong with their genes. On the other hand, this could not have been a revolt since Angels don't have free will, so I feel both explanations lack the needed substance to be proven either way by means of the Torah. So to me, this is still a great mystery, one I very much would like a definitive answer to. Now if we go outside Torah, for instance, the Book of Yasher, the myth around the world as well as Megalithic Structures and the unexplainable out of place artifacts found all over the world. These things would make explanation 1 the most plausible hadn't it been for the fact that angels do not have free will.

So I would suggest a 3rd, possible explanation, that the Nephilim indeed where hybrids but human-animal hybrids and that HaShem only after the flood created the barrier between species that stops interspecies procreation. Neshama breath, wind, and rest. Aryeh explanation sounds the most reasonable but where is the source that you derived this from?

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Sources I cannot recall all the sources I deduced this view from, some are mentioned in the article Reply to Debra H Debra H, the Neanderthals were Homo Sapiens with full pre-flood lifespans so that the frontal ridge of their elders were much larger than ours since that is the only bone that keeps growing throughout life. Remember, people before the flood had lifespans of many hundreds of years. Hence modern "scientists" who deny HaShem falsely concluded they were of a different species. If the soul is but a breath which upon death will return to G-d, what happens then in the resurrection of the dead?

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Thank you. Explanation for neanderthals? New finds of human species around the globe? Jewish Sources on the subject? In last few years there are more findings of other human species. If world has been destroyed times, why? Why or what is reason? If Hashem is only creator, why does some things appear to be one big experiment? What Jewish sources do you have to explain the differences in highly intelligent humans and those species of humans that appear more animalistic yet coexisting at same time periods???

Thanks Reply. Nephilim I agree with Aryeh. It is more likely this is talking about sons of Seth would be sons of G-d and the sons of Cain would be evil. I have heard several Hebrew scholars teach that the giants were just giants of evil. I think this is what scared the ten spies sent Canaan. Thank G-d two had enough faith to come back with an outlook of optimism. Explanation 1 I agree with David.

I believe that is why G-d ordered them to destroy all after the spies came back. G-d is love. The only explanation to what would otherwise be genocide, is that the Nephilim were hybrid beings. We're seeing the same things happening now - scientists are mixing species in labs every day. As in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the end. Do not be deceived. Angels with penis's? Can angels procreate, are they flesh and blood, do they have the bodily functions to have intercourse with women and impregnate them?

This idea seems to me very foreign to Hebraic thinking Please elaborate?.. Also if anyone can answer my previous post as well I'd really appreciate the feed back I find Explanation 1 the most plausible. It makes sense, all flesh was corrupted, all but Noah and his family. It is not the purpose of this paper to enter into detail regarding the Greek Gigantomachy, except to draw some shared ideas to the Nephilim, the Rephaim and their progeny. In both instances, there is a distinct hierarchal order. Those in Olympus lust after the beautiful women of the earth, as the Nephilim desired the daughters of men.

There are hybrid beings borne of these relationships, who are endowed with extraordinary strength or size. They were whimsical and selfish and sometimes exceedingly evil. Some of the personages are half man, half God such Achilles, whose mother Thetis was a sea nymph. There were many variations of bipeds, quadrupeds, winged creatures and humans. Examples of animal 35 Neng Yu et. Chimaerism shown by cytogenetics and DNA polymorphism analysis.

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J Med Genet ; A dispermic chimerism in a 2-year-old Caucasian boy. Ann Hematol ; Hermon during time of Christ Siren: Body of a bird with a human head Pegasus: Body of a horse with wings In other accounts, the Philistines worshiped Dagon, who was half fish and half man. Genetic hybridization is a constant theme and there seem to have been some horrific combinations. It is possible that these creatures were responsible for the incredible violence upon the earth during the day of Noah, as will be noted in the next section.

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There is a strong correlation of this narrative to the New Testament, which will now be examined. It was of great proportion and dominated the highpoint of the Pergamum acropolis during the 2nd century BCE. The dominating feature of a monument, which the ancients numbered among the Wonders of the World, the frieze surpasses in sheer magnitude all other Greek sculpture that has been preserved.

It is more than one hundred and ten meters long, and is crowded with more than a hundred figures, in a relief so high as to be almost sculpture in the round. His mother on the other side is powerless to help him. She is afraid. Then the movement comes down across his abdomen to his legs, and merges with his mother.