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Dec 26, Banner rated it it was amazing Shelves: sci-fi , time-travel. Man this was a great book to end the year on. Time travel books can be hit or miss with me and this one was a hit. First of all and this may not interest anyone else, but it had my all time favorite historical person playing a pivotal role in the book. That was worth four star from me. Elton did a great job with his character.

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You won't have too read too far into the book to see who I'm talking about. Hugh Stanton was the perfect man for being a time traveler. A kind hearted, skeptic, rugged out Man this was a great book to end the year on.

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A kind hearted, skeptic, rugged outdoors man, a bit of a romantic not always I could go on, but maybe you get the picture. The theme of the book focuses on the question, "If you could change one thing that is wrong with the world, what would it be? Highly recommended! View all 6 comments.

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Dec 20, Tracey rated it really liked it. This book is a great boys own adventure of a read. Imagine travelling back to a time where you can change the history of our world, make it better, make the wars of our time not happen, prevent the deaths of soldiers in the trenches of ww1 the holocaust of Hitler's mania.

Our man Hugh Stanton is engaged by the people who have the knowledge to do just that , is it foresight or hindsight? Time loops confuse the most avid sci fi boffin so I decided to just go along for the ride and it was quite a r This book is a great boys own adventure of a read. Time loops confuse the most avid sci fi boffin so I decided to just go along for the ride and it was quite a ride!

Just when I thought I knew where we were heading there was another twist, another change, another loop. If you change one thing going back in time it affects every other thing. I thoroughly enjoyed this book by Ben Elton and hope to read more from him sometime. Nov 30, Belinda rated it liked it Shelves: , books-i-really-wanted-to-like. Unfortunately, the rest of it fell flat for me, and became overly predictable. I still enjoyed the writing, but didn't enjoy it as much as I hoped to.

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The cover definitely drew me in, isn't it cool? It's a little bit history, a little bit sci-fi and a little bit dystopian, which all worked surprisingly well together. The research in this is very good, giving you the definite sense of time travel. I quite liked the villain and the dystopic aspect of the book, but they weren't there for long enough to impact the story enough for me.

I rated this 2. The rest of my review this time contains spoilers, because I've found it too hard to review this without giving something away! I think this book is best read without knowing much more than this, so if you intend on reading this, please don't read any further!

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The rest of you I borrowed this from a friend, as I really wasn't sure that I'd like it enough to spend money on it, but the premise sounded interesting and it's set in one of my favourite time periods. I was really disappointed.

Like I said, I think the premise is good, but it just fell flat for me. Maybe I've watched too much Doctor Who, but as soon as they mentioned going back in time to stop the bullet that killed Franz Ferdinand, I knew exactly what would happen. It's fairly obvious Like wiping yourself out of existence, or making everything worse than it was before. And I was right. McCluskie was an interesting villain, as it's unusual to have an elderly female professor as the evil figure. You're built up to tolerate her, but not like her particularly, which I also found interesting.

It's a bit of a change from the obviously evil character or the good one that turns out bad. I figured her out pretty quickly, which I was a bit disappointed in I would have liked more of a surprise. I also think we maybe should have had more time with her, to let her do her villainy thing more thoroughly.

I didn't really connect with Hugh- so much so that I just had to look up his name, even though I finished it not even 12 hours ago. Either that or my literary Alzheimers is coming on strong today.

But no We kept being told he's "dishy", heroic and very clever, but he really didn't show it to me. I liked the idea of going back in time with all your futuristic equipment and the problems that could cause, but I think that angle could have been dealt with more thoroughly That would have been cool, but it wasn't really a problem. The fear was there that it would become one, but it never eventuates. I think Bernadette should have had more consequences Hugh became even more annoying than he was before, with his crappy pick up lines and insta-love.

The future girl was really cool, I enjoyed her and how the dystopic future was built around actual historical figures. I wish she'd been around for longer. Actually, I wish the whole middle bit was cut, so no more Bernadette, with more emphasis on the beginning and end. It almost feels to me like there were three sections to the book, all being different. So I rate this 2. I liked the beginning and the end, I liked the premise, I liked the villain and I liked the cover. I just feel a bit disappointed in the predictability of the plot and how annoying the protagonist was.

But, if you're ever given the opportunity to time travel, keep this book in mind! Dec 17, Maja rated it it was ok. If you had one chance to change history Where would you go? What would you do?

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Who would you kill? The year is Hugh 'Guts' Stanton, a 'mysterious, tall, blond If you had one chance to change history Hugh 'Guts' Stanton, a 'mysterious, tall, blond and fiendishly dishy Englishman', an ex-Special Forces turned internet celebrity something like Bear Grylls meets Daniel Craig as James Bond , is adrift following tragic death of his wife and children.

Soon, he is recruited by his former history professor and the Trinity Master at the Cambridge University, Sally McCluskey, for a very special mission - to travel through time to and save one monarch Archduke Franz Ferdinand and kill another Kaiser Wilhelm and prevent the Great War. We learn that this is possible because of a secret discovery made by Sir Isaac Newton so, he wasn't mad after all? And who is better equipped or more entitled to tinker with history than the British? As soon as Stanton and McCluskey steps from and into , the story starts to crumble.

Elton's initial tongue-in-cheek description of McCluskey as a Gorgon-like crone - old, fat, booze swigging, chimney smoking, with I don't-give-a-shit attitude - is clearly a poke at the Oxbridge institution. For a woman to become the Master of Trinity, she would no longer resemble a woman, but an ugly, mythical creature, a she-man.

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But, soon, too soon, she dissolves into a mere caricature who, when challenged about a historical accuracy of an event, responds with a resounding "Whatever! It seems that Elton doesn't quite know what to do with the McCluskey and consequently she never gets off the train heading to Sarajevo. By now, I started to wonder why anyone would bother spending a small fortune to study history at Cambridge when all they need to do is read Wikipedia, particularly when Stanton starts to wax lyrical about 'the brave and noble' Archduke, who 'like him, had guts.

Stanton fulfils his mission in Sarajevo, but not quite as he planned. You see, it is the women. They are everywhere and it is their fault that he is distracted and makes moronic errors. First, it was the sneaky McCluskey. Then, there's the dead wife who haunts him through time and space. In her honour, he has to prove he is the man she once married 'cool, but not cold'.